Mystery Art Orchestra - Prismatic Dream

So the world did not end in 2012 after all – but that same year, the german singer and guitarist Tino Bogedaly was drawn to Berlin to discover a new one. The city's rock 'n' roll underground, centred around the legendary 8mm bar, provided what he’d been missing out in the sticks. Inspired by the local music culture – he founded the Mystery Art Orchestra. What started as a warmer psychedelic sound turned cooler when André Wlodarski joined the band on keyboards and has since evolved into a modern interpretation of post-punk - but without losing sight of its roots. Drummer Bastian Müller is the driving force, giving minimalistic rhythm to varied guitar arrangements while electronic bass and synthesizer add another dimension, echoing and observing the musical scenery from an ethereal distance.

The result is sometimes disruptive and sometimes strangely familiar, almost as if different musical decades have been torn apart and stitched back together in unexpected ways. After several live shows in Germany, England and Portugal, Bogedaly, Wlodarski and Müller have produced the debut album "Prismatic Dream", which will be released on 25 May 2018 on their own label robojim. It seems we can be lucky the apocalypse has been postponed for now.